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Blogging for Engagement

Learn Ways to Connect with Your Readers

Discover tips on how to to improve your blogging. Prefer to have it done for you? Our blogging service delivers consistency and clients.

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Creating SEO Focused Websites

Increase Website Conversion with Clean Code & Des...

Design and Develop a Real Estate Website Using a Real Geeks Site. Not a Real Estate Agent? We Build WordPress Websites, too!

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Publishing a Paperback Book

Gain Credibility, Trust & Authority As an Author

Convert Existing Content into an Amazon Best Seller the Publish Promptly Way Or Use Book Coaching Services to Finish Your Manuscript.

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Developing Community Ties

Elevate Brand & Connect in Friendship & Respect

Strengthen Industry Ties and Community Through Interaction & Volunteer Service at Events. Actively Share Your Knowledge.

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Promoting with Social Media

Use Social Sharing to Showcase & Build Readership

Understand the Secrets to Blogging Success. Authenticity and Interaction Motivates People & Search Engines to Follow You.

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Be Seen Blogging Podcast

Listen to Content Tips, Tools & What's Working Now

Improve Your Content Strategy in Under 10 Minutes. Subscribe to Our Weekly Podcast By Need Someone To Blog Owner, Jen Miller.

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Develop a Content Strategy

Share an overview of the results and growth you’d like for your company. We’ll create your custom content strategy, providing best practice tips and topics, benchmarks and checkpoints that measure your success….


Write a Book

Looking to develop your industry authority? We offer authorship coaching, manuscript editing, ghost writing and interview sessions to transform your desire to write a book a reality….


Build a Website

Having developed hundreds of websites on multiple platforms, we move quickly through the design and development process, delivering high conversion, cleanly coded websites that lead in organic search….