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We Attract, Engage and Unite Your Customers

We Create Community
Our Social Media Unites You & Your Message with Your Customers

We’ve been offering social media services since 2011. We can step in as you with a full-scale plan or provide light posting services designed to attract visitors to your company.

Social media ia about building relationships and we work on your behalf to set you apart as a leader in your industry and community. Rise above the posting noise and build brand awareness with regular social media engagement.

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Five custom written social media posts shared weekly on 3 channels to your audience for a total of 60-75 items of custom content per month.

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

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Variable, custom created social media posts, targeted to your audience for a total of Over 200 items of custom content monthly.

  • Twitter - Twice daily posting, M-F monitoring & response
  • LinkedIn - 1 post/week, 3-5 comments/week, M-F monitoring & response
  • Facebook - Daily posting, M-F monitoring & response 
  • List Creation - Facebook and Twitter

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Full scale custom audience-centric social media posts and comments for a total of 500+ items of custom content.

  • Twitter - 3x/day posting, 5 days/week, weekday monitoring & response
  • Instagram -  2x/day posting, weekday monitoring & response
  • LinkedIn - 2 posts/week, weekday monitoring & response
  • Facebook - Daily posting, weekday monitoring & response
  • Pinterest - Daily posting/re-pinning, weekday monitoring & response
  • List Creation  & Group Monitoring 

Facebook Ad Campaign Set-Up Available at Additional Cost on Any Plan. Please Ask for Details.

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