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You–Yes, You!–Should Hire a Blogger

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You should hire a blogger.As a small business owner, you probably started out doing everything in your business yourself. At some point, you realize that sometimes it makes sense to hire out some aspects of your business. However, the existence of turn-key website and blogging platforms gives the impression that you should be able to manage your online presence yourself. The idea that you should hire a blogger or social media management team sounds crazy.

Take a minute to think about it, though. How much time are you currently spending on creating content for your blog and social media accounts? Are you able to blog every week or every other week? Maybe your blog has been neglected and hasn’t been updated in weeks or even months. Was the last time you posted in the first week of January?

When you hire a blogger, you get great content, produced on a dependable schedule. You also get a fresh set of eyes looking at your product or service. Someone outside your company might have a better idea of how sell your business. A blogging company like Need Someone to Blog does more than just blogging. We understand keywords and search engine optimization. We are experienced in looking at analytics and figuring out which keywords are bringing people to your site and ultimately leading to conversions.

The decision to hire a blogger is a decision to invest in the future of your business. Most people begin to search for a product or service online. A strong website, with dependable and authoritative content, will encourage people to use your business. Need Someone to Blog will manage your social media accounts, too, so your excellent content shows up all around the web. When you consider the expense of hiring a PR person and compare that to the cost of our blog and promotion services, you’ll see why our clients love Need Someone To Blog. And, when you compare the opportunities lost by not having a credible online presence to the cost of hiring a blogger, you’ll may realize it time for a change in your marketing.


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